Who We Are:

The Campaign for Sensible Transportation is a group of individuals and organizations focused on Santa Cruz County transportation policies and issues.

Our Mission: To promote a balanced, sustainable transportation system that serves all members of our community, without causing increased air and noise pollution and without degrading the aesthetic quality of our surroundings.

The Campaign was formed in June, 2001. Our current chair is Rick Longinotti. Our treasurer (and webmaster) is Peter Scott. Feel free to write to us by clicking on this link, or by sending a note to us at

The Campaign for Sensible Transportation
P.O Box 7927
Santa Cruz, CA 95061.

Organizations currently participating in the Campaign include the Sierra Club*, Mission: Pedestrian, the Santa Cruz Friends Meeting, Santa Cruz PRT and Watsonville Brown Berets.

*Note: A “participating organization” is one that works with us to achieve commonly shared goals. The Sierra Club has not taken any position on the Transportation Sales Tax measure (Measure D) now set for the ballot on November 8, 2016.

We have these goals:

  • To convince our decision makers of the value of a variety of transportation modes, including bus, rail, bicycle, pedestrian and car, so as to provide a balanced, workable system that serves all county residents, reduces our dependence on the automobile and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

  • To educate our community on the ineffectiveness of highway widening as a method for reducing traffic congestion.

  • To educate our community about the financial, environmental and societal costs of highway widening.

  • To promote alternatives to the widening of Highway 1 by researching and publicizing the practical merits of various transportation modes.